An After Poem

Guess I’m still suffering a PAD hangover because I joined in the Poetic Asides Wednesday Poetry prompt to write an ‘After’ Poem After we fallI try to standBut my breathIs caught betweenAn inhale and exhaleWe are no longerAn exquisiteMurmurationDefying probability andNature I try to walkBut the world has shiftedAirLimbsGravityNo longerWork in harmonyI think even the … More An After Poem

Day 25 – April Poem A Day Challenge – 2021

My ‘thought’ poem is inspired by the Northern Lights and if we’re lucky – tonight if it’s a clear night we’ll be able to see them! Space odyssey I could watch theClock count it’sway downThrough a nightOf aimlessAwakeningMusingsBut the northern lightsAre here to danceThat Aurora borealisEven she’s unravelingShe’s gone andHad herself aSolar flareUntangling herselfInto a … More Day 25 – April Poem A Day Challenge – 2021

April Poem A Day 2021 – Day 23

Today’s prompt on Poetic Asides – Write an appointment poem. I couldn’t help but think of all the travel I have on pause. Travel Appointment As empty as the skiesVacantForgotten cafesin cobblestone lanesThe circled dateerased ItalyShe has stoodfor centuriesEnduringCrumblingRising fromAncient ruinsShe waits