Day 30 – Final Day – April Poem a Day 2021

Of course today’s prompt is to write a Good-bye Poem and I was inspired to pen two poems today. It’s always bittersweet when this poem challenge comes to an end. Every year I enter thinking I’m not sure I can do it – I won’t be inspired enough to produce a poem every day, and every year on the final day I’m sad to be done.

This poem I was thinking of my daughter who has the wanderlust – having been to over 27 countries and we haven’t seen her since she moved to the UK over a year ago.

I refuse to
Let the words
So final sink
Into my bones
Escape my lips
For now I’ll
Let your laughter
Land on my skin
Imprint forever
The way your eyes
Are alight with
Raise my hand
For beginnings
Not ends
And say
Fare thee well
Until we meet again

This next poem was inspired by Irish Poet Seamus Heaney. ‘Don’t be afraid’ were his last words in Latin to his wife.

Noli timere
A famous poet said
To his love
In lieu of good bye
Like he already saw
What was on the other
A celestial knowing
If you will
He would be there
Beyond a thin veil
She can almost touch
That he the man
Communing with spirits
In his earthly time
Had carved a place for her
His love

Hush now
Look up he says
On a full moon
Night of the equinox
It turns out the world
Is not so small
After all

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