Poem A Day Challenge – Day 22 – April 2021

A Nature Prompt for Earth Day. Somehow I managed to come up with two poems today. The second one is still waiting to be ‘approved’ on Poetic Asides I think because I included a link to the story that inspired me about saving our waterways and fisheries from development and climate change.

This first poem is a reflection on the crazy April weather that brought us snow through the night, collecting on newly budding trees, followed by it melting and the sun coming out later in the day.

That Nature
She was a little angry
After all I have
Those days too
Grey mood
A few tears
Can’t make up
My mind between
A want and a need
Longing for
Something bigger
Than silence
Just like that
I’m laugh-crying
Standing at
The kitchen sink
As the sun bursts through
Ready to dance

How to Heal A River is Inspired by a story in Narwhal an independent press with their article of the same title.

The plan to heal B.C.’s Koksilah River | The Narwhal

How To Heal A River

A story
Buried in our
Digital feed
Chief of Cowichan tribe
wades into the shallow
ebb and flow
of the slipstream
emerald waterway
meets cerulean sky
His voice drowned
out in onslaught
of silt and river rush
the Koksilah
winds through
Where merganser and salmon
even the seals come to
For centuries
Warning of water levels
Calling for
No more tears
Standing in
current to his knees
Beneath old growth
logging and
Until he’s standing
At the mouth of a river
In its watershed

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