Day 18 – April Poem a Day Challenge 2021

Write an ekphrastic poem. An ekphrastic poem is one in which the poet writes a poem based on another work of art, whether that’s a painting, photograph, sculpture, mixed media, or other piece of art.

My poem is inspired by a jar of shells we have from our family trips to Florida and the Caribbean

Art Or A Jarful Of Memories

Wading through waves
Ankle high
along the shoreline
The sun a lemon drop
in a sky so blue it hurts
Seashells swept ashore
in a hypnotic rhythm

Her girls skip ahead
Filling pastel pails
While she wanders
Wonders about the
world she’s brought them
into and how to explain
the beauty right here and now
against a universe that’s
lost its collective way

Quick she wants to call
over wind whipping her hair
Tangled words on her lips
Don’t ever forget about the
Planet and people too

Stopping in her tracks
Waves lapping a gentle swell
in time with her pulse
They race to share in
tiny outstretched hands
a lone seashell
Coral and burnt sienna streaks
Sun baked to pristine perfection
It’s beautiful she says

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