Day 16, April Poem A Day, 2021

Today’s prompt to Write a City Poem had me realizing I haven’t driven into the city in over a year. I love where I grew up, and even though I live outside the city now – driving in along the lake, the skyline materializing as I round the bend on the highway, I still get a thrill whenever I go into the city. I miss concerts, restaurants, nights out with friends, even work meetings!

Driving into the City
In My Future

Rounding the bend of the highway
at Windermere 
The skyline looms
An old friend waving 
on the horizon

Her fingers thrum to the beat of
Van Morrison sings about
Days Like This
And she knows there’s 
nothing like heading into
a weekend

Driving with windows down
Sweet scent only summer holds
The lakefront stretches
out beside her
Waves breaking in
glass sparkling madness

Her drive is a whole mood

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