April Poem A Day – Day 11

Today's Poem to write a Prime Number Poem had me thinking about being in lock down with our family for extended periods. At Christmas our work team went around in our video call and commented on everything we were thankful for and almost every person said they were so happy to have had this time with their family. Young people moving home and being with their parents. Siblings relating to one another again. Parents relating to their children in whole new ways. It really stuck with me and made me realize too how thankful I am for my family and that I really like them!

365 Days
And I know every
fault line in the bricks
and mortar we call home

525,600 minutes
And I know why
I fell in love with him

31,536,000 seconds
And I’m getting to know her
all over again
She was just ready to take flight
But these
at times anguished
At other times paint drying bored
And sometimes side splitting laughter
are the true gift
of this past year

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