Poem A Day -Week of poems

Had some fun plus romance plus a lot of reflection for this week’s poetry.

Day 21
Write a sketch poem

That’s sketchy she said
Oh I said is that like rad?
Trying to show my ultra cool
Serious eye roll
Ohmygod mom No
It’s like weird
Oh I get it
But I know not to use words like
Be there or be square
and that’s bogus
to show I’m with it
Obvs better not ever say
Copacetic and Groovy

Day 22
A Correspondence Poem

Had to find a way to theme this one in a Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter

Corresponding To The Earth

Born on earth day
You folded your hands
beneath your chin in that way
That said it was you who
had been waiting for us
She’s an old soul they’d say
Something in you
Ancient yet imminent
Made us wonder
In this wide universe
Of celestial cycles
If you came to us
from before
Watchful wise
your spirit
Full of light
Bringing us home

Day 23
Two for Tuesday

Pick one prompt or use both
1. Write a free poem.
2. Write a not free poem.

When I Feel My Most Free

Lake escapes
For lazy days
Riding the waves
On a kayak made for us
Porch at dusk
Call of a loon
Beneath a blue moon
In shadows of night
Reading by lamplight

Day 24
take the phrase “Complete (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write your poem.

Complete Reading Circle

It was right after Saturday chores, before lunch, a diner treat, when Mom would pack us into the red Chevy for a trip to the Library. Stories take you places, she said. And they did. It started with Nan and Bert and their younger twins. Greatest detectives that ever lived.
Dropping us at Nanny’s for summer breaks, that streetcar to Rogers Road and the book store could have been Santa’s Sleigh. A quarter in my pocket added a new hardcover to my collection.

Then there was Anne. Oh how I fell in love with the island and wished on a sky full of stars I had red hair. Until Meg and Jo, Beth and Amy stole my heart. I imagined me too in a houseful of sisters by the fire, as I turned pages by flashlight beneath the covers at lights out.

Mothers to daughters
Greatest gifts come full circle
Passed from hand to hand

Day 25
Write an Exile Poem

Exiled in her mind
Was it a black space
Dark terrors haunting every corner
Or a white veil of infinity?
Maybe it was a blank slate
A deep well of nothingness
I don’t know
When I looked in her eyes
They weren’t the same ones
I’d gazed in all my life

Day 26
An Evening Poem

When evening comes
Weight of darkness smothers
And burdens come home to rest
When there by waning light of day
she wears each of her regrets
When at days end love’s security
lies by her side
That he with me and me with him
two hearts forever twined
To know that though there be
a long and lonely climb
We will meet all life’s tests together
By and by

Day 27
Write a Direction Poem

She’ll go west
to the farthest
stretch of land
To heed the
call of the ocean
Salt and sand

Standing at the waters edge
The horizon falling into the ocean
Blue and bruised
Rising in pink hope

Whispers on tides
Sigh and say her broken heart
Can be mended
If she wants
the only
sound she needs is the waves
Pounding on shoreline
In her chest
The earth telling her
There by grace
You are here

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