Poem A Day – week of poems

This week’s prompts really resonated and even had me trying a rhyming poem and a sonnet.

Day 14
Write a poem about a State (or in my case a Province)

Ontario: she has many moods

Sometimes it rages
Whitecaps flashing
Today a lake of glass
Diamonds shimmering
In the light
I still feel a rush of
excitement when I
round the bend and see the
this city I’ve
Called home
All my life


Sedimentary walls
Guide us
The escarpment
showing off the last
of its might
Deeper into
the woodsong
We go
Emerging to
find the lake
Dotted with islands

Day 15
Write a Prediction Poem

After they’re gone

She stands in bewilderment
At the certainty
Of a sun that still rises
Whether in a grey dawn
Or blue brilliance
And still people rise
Still the days unfold
In the hum of traffic
In silence that might
break her
In a song of hope

Until there comes a time
When she too begins
to rise again

Day 16
A release poem

July would be rolling into
August on a sticky morning
And mom would say
Get outside to play

We’d grab our gear
Stop for Rocky and Elvis
I can’t make these names up
No phones no texts
Just a knock on the door and
A question
Wanna play ball?

Down into the creek we’d go
Skipping stones to the
other side
Climbing the bank
to the ball diamond at
the public school
Home plate eroded
The pitching mound worn
plumb out
By that time we had
enough for two teams
The rest of our
street buddies knew
No phones no texts
Everyone looking for
a pick-up game

Beneath the summer sun
There’s nothing like
the slap of ball against leather
And an instant game of
Play ball

Day 17
A Reason Poem

The Reason x 3

Long nights bled
into hazy mornings
Miles on highways
Lost time
Sometimes it felt
like we
lost ourselves
Hours on repeat
Never enough
moments with you
Yet time marches
Hearts beating
Building from
nothing always
Wanting more
For you

Day 18
Take the phrase “Little (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write your poem.

Little Things

Afternoon cuppa tea
A good book
Chocolate flavoured

An old song
on the radio
And singing
off key

Ocean views
Belly laughs
Scarlet burst of tulips
You and me

Day 19
Write a License Poem

Sorry not sorry for my political rant

I’ve heard all the arguments
Thank you very much
In my court

Considered the calls for the
Right to bear arms
And understand the
Deep reverence to your

But no one should be armed
With a license to kill
With the means within their
Two hands that were meant to give so much more
Instead they hold a man-made creation
Designed for automatic mass destruction
Largest mortalities the prize

Even the hunters understand

That is my final decision

Day 20
Write a darkness poem

Morning comes in a slow awakening
To find pale light and the soft touch of spring
Bleary eyed we emerge from winter’s wrath
Still, morning dew falls lightly in our path

Still, birdsong fills those earliest of hours
While frozen soil brings us springs first flowers
Sanguine reds and sunshine yellow blind us
We reach out a bewildered hand to touch

Wandering time worn trails, hope bursts within
We let wing beats of breeze fall on our skin
A painted sky’s awash in shades of blue
The worlds got a smile and it’s magic too

Oh from the darkness of winter’s silence
Mother Earth calls, we answer once again


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