Poetry Month Poem a Day – Days 28-30

And then we were at the finish line! How is it that when you’re in it you think you’re never going to get there and then it’s here??

These last few prompts were my favourites of the month.

Day 28
Write a Mood poem


Snow has fallen
Heavy and quiet
through the night
In that way that leaves
the earth dusted in
Silver iced shimmering
Sweet scent of new
Vanilla orchid tea
drifts from a mug
beside me
Muted mellow jazz is on low
And we have nowhere to go
And no place to be
But here
Just you and me

Day 29
A remix poem

Remix from Day 13
This one’s for my daughters

I said I miss the pitter patter of feet
But did I tell you I appreciate
I found new friendship
With you
Sharing and wanting
But still you rise
with grace
Bursting at the seams
on dreams
Your spirit
Crystal pure
Curious as a
restless breeze
Your brave heart
That even
the sun can’t help
When you walk in

Day 30 

Take the phrase “One More (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.

It’s only fitting that I close out my family theme with a poem for my grandmother.

One more at the table

That old mahogany table
It was like it grew legs
Always room for one
more chair squeezed in
The littlest ones
at the end
Everyone talking
over one another
Nanny’s tomato sauce
simmering filled
the house even as I
pulled the screen door
I’d been waiting all
day for that platter to be
set in the middle of the table

One more Poem!
This last one kind of fell out of me to end it off:

One More Moment With You

If I could measure our time
in breaths
is what I remember most
The ordinary moments
Like knowing just the way
you said my name
And sang a little off key
The dead end street we
lived on
We talked about moving
on from there

I’d hold it all still
in my outstretched hand
Just one more moment longer


4 thoughts on “Poetry Month Poem a Day – Days 28-30

  1. A.MAZ. ING!!! from start to finish. Your poem about your grandmother’s table struck a chord in me and took me back to fond old days of her gentle laughter, sparkling eyes,and ever-welcoming short and plump person! love how every poem had sort of a breath-stealing surprise in it! (I was saving reading these til I could really enjoy) Got the opportunity now after tucking two kiddos in for a nap!

    Liked by 1 person

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