Poem A Day Challenge – Day 26

Today, we were to write a regret poem, and that made me think of my youngest and how we always feel like there was never enough of us to go around.

The Youngest Child

You went off to your internship
this morning, jump in your step
Taking with you twenty years
of memories and my regret

Shall we start at the
beginning with the very
first oopsies?
No video of you
Empty space on the shelf
Nothing for you to say me too

For the record
We didn’t really forget you
that time the school bus returned
with only
your little head peering
out the window

‘Twas a small miscommunication
between your mom and
the babysitter
But never doubt our love
little one

You thought the van
was your home for
treks down the highway
to get your sisters
where they needed to go
While you logged
your miles in a car seat
We listened to great music
Didn’t we?

Is it any wonder
With all these mishaps
Oh my goodness
What have I done?
That we call you
Miss Independent


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