Poem a Day Challenge – Day 15

Today’s prompt is to write a One Time poem. It could be any experience we wanted to write about. This was more like four summers when we rented a cottage in northern Ontario, but with the best family memories serving as inspiration for this poem.

One Time

Our van crunched
down the rutted lane way
on Shadow Lake
to the cottage
tucked between the impossible
height of evergreens
Our youngest one’s job
to carry the homemade brownies

One Time
Grandma was there
For games of scrabble
Badminton on the beach
and marathon horseshoe battles

One Time
Before a silver dawn
You woke our oldest daughter
to go canoeing ‘in the clouds’
on the misty, stillness of the water

One Time
The sun dropped into a
lake of glass shimmering
through smoky BBQ rays
trailing off into the dusky end
to a ridiculously perfect day

And I took a picture in my mind
to forever imprint
This one time


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