Poem a Day Challenge – Day 4

On Day 4 it feels like we’re well into the challenge and I’ve found my groove – for the time being anyway – the words and thoughts are flowing easily. I’ll take it while the muse is here because I know there will be times when I struggle all day to get something down.

This poem was hard to write, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it’s hard to watch the news these days and see one atrocity after another. The prompt today was two-fold – write a beginning poem and/or write an ending poem. We could write to one of the prompts, or combine both.

My poem was inspired by Warsan Shire’s riveting poem No One Leaves Home Unless Home is the Mouth of a Shark. I’ve pasted a link to it below. And here’s mine:

They came for new beginnings
And for an end

To a sky that rained death
in wars they did not understand

They came
To find a place to call
When their own was unrecognizable

They came from camps
they never wanted in marches
that led to
where streets are littered
with their neighbors’ hearts
No longer beating

They came so that their
children’s drawings
don’t color bombs

They came because losing a limb is far
better than losing a child

They came even when they lost their children
their mother father
Sister brother
soul mate

They came so they could say in more than
a whisper
I’m home

When I read Warsan Shire’s poem – I was speechless at the brutal honesty of it. These are the truths we must face. You can read her poem here


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