April Poem A Day Challenge – Day 3

I had the pleasure of seeing Come From Away on Broadway.  There were many stories told about the beauty of the human spirit in the midst of the tragedy of September 2001. But this little known story about how a small town in Canada opened its heart – has landed on the Broadway stage. Come From Away is a difficult, emotional story told with wit and east coast humor – at once touching and inspiring.
You can read about the musical here and below is a haibun tribute to Come From Away.

Village of Love

When hearts were broken and it seemed hatred had won. A small village showed us how to love. It’s a story on that day no words can describe. When more people came on diverted planes than the entire population of one small town.

What to do amidst fear and mayhem? Well you open your homes and your hearts. That’s what you do in a place where the “island makes the man.”

From around the world they landed. They came in two’s and three’s, and by the thousands. Out between the edge of the ocean and nowhere, strangers opened their homes. They may have been introduced to screech. And Acadian music. And learned how to say Lord thunderin’ Jaysuz.

In September 2001, when we questioned the darkest places of a man’s heart, but learned the human spirit can never be broken, a town at the end of the ocean taught us about love.

Dark skies threatening
A monument to hatred
A town bursts with love




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