April Poem a Day Challenge Day One

I’ve been waiting for this day. Yet as April approaches I inevitably start to wonder – can I really write a poem a day? Luckily enough, the prompt was to write a reminiscing poem and this one came easily.

Sunday Dinner

One simple scent
on the evening air and
you can taste your childhood

Even today, all these years later
I pause in the doorway of an Italian restaurant
Close my eyes

For a moment I’m back in
Little Italy
Cafes bursting
Storefronts busy

The drive down Northcliffe Blvd.
Houses tumbling after one another
Nanny and Grandpa in rockers on the veranda
At 167

Dusk falls on a
Sunday afternoon
As we climb the steps
sun glints off the big picture window
Floorboards creaking on the wide
front porch

I pause to breathe
the scent of tomato sauce
that even after all these years
can stop me in my tracks


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