For #Orlando

Assemble for Love – for #Orlando. Written in response to Poetic Asides Prompt – Write an Assembly poem; and inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s acceptance speech delivered by way of a sonnet at the Tony Awards.

When he looks at you and asks you why
When she looks at you and says but how
What will you say when you look in his eyes
What can you tell her to make it less vile

Would that you could tell them it will be okay
That evil will never win when we fight
Even when many hearts are filled with hate
Tell them nothing can diminish your light

That who you are inside is real and true
That one day judgement will come to an end
Never will you be afraid to be you
To be you, to be you, in all your magnificence

Because love is love is love is love
Love is bigger than them, love is love


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