Final Day! April Poem a Day Challenge Day 30

Today’s prompt, write a Dead End poem seems fitting in more ways than one.

Today I will hear a dying man’s dying wishes

My mother’s brother
The last of his family alive
And so it falls to us
my brother and I
to listen while he is
still alive

He leads a solitary life
Oddly alone, oddly never
striving for more
On the fringes of how
other choose
To be alive

It hasn’t always been easy
We didn’t always see eye to eye
Our family out of step with him
On what it means to be alive

But he has strong faith
And convictions
About the choices
The road to take
to the end
And so my brother and I will
listen to his dying wishes
Dead end
Or shall we say
If faith is to be believed
A beginning
On being alive

Written for Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge


7 thoughts on “Final Day! April Poem a Day Challenge Day 30

  1. I love this Trish, the purpose of honouring the wishes of one we haven’t always seen eye to eye to is a real task I think…..but I get the impression that there is an undying respect for him as well. Beautifully expressed.


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