Day 27 – April Poem a Day Challenge

Today’s prompt – write a take off poem. I had that song Leaving on a Jet Plane in my head all day while I thought through this prompt. This was another challenge that took the better part of the day to pull together, the words simply refused to come. That song was in my head, and someone wrote a country song last night as part of the challenge, so I had to give in and get this song thing down before the clock strikes midnight!

You said you were leaving
but only for a short time
I stood on the doorstep
the sun setting behind you
I wanted to tell you I’d follow
you anywhere

You didn’t tell me it would be so hard
how loneliness can be an ache inside
I wonder if you think of me when you’re
on the back roads with the windows down
and that song plays

Red sky at dusk is that
our twin souls bleeding?
Endless nights
Lonelier mornings
the walls don’t answer

I miss your smile, your skin
the sound of your footsteps
I can’t remember your voice
It scares me this forgetting

Do you hear it?
That’s the sound of when
I stopped believing in you


Written for Poetic Asides


7 thoughts on “Day 27 – April Poem a Day Challenge

  1. Hi Trish I did leave you a comment on the PAD site. Those final three lines really struck me and made me sit up and take notice……I thought they were so powerful and telling…great poem…


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