Day 24 – April Poem A Day Challenge

I think through this journey I’ve discovered my love for Haibun, a new poetic form I’ve only recently learned about. It offers a wonderful combination of the freedom of writing prose with the beauty of the Haiku which tells a story in so few words.

For today’s prompt, write a poem in which something is lost and then regained.

Here’s my lost and found poem:

It was a special day when Mom would pass us all a quarter. Go to the variety store on your way home from school, get yourselves a treat. We’d detour across busy main streets, the smell of warmth and candy greeting us as we came through the door on a winter afternoon. I dawdled, searching for something that would last, not a treat that would be gone in minutes. My brothers stood impatient at the door, my sister trailing down the aisle ordering me to hurry up. I clutched the dime store pearl necklace in my mittened hand, trudged through the snow, a two mile walk home. My brothers and sisters up ahead. Over the bridge on a winding drive, already imagining I’d show Mom when she got home. A sudden gust of wind ripped it from my hand. I ran. Stamping on the edge to catch it. Blowing, twirling, hurtling. I almost had it. Over the edge of the bridge it went, into the water below, disappearing beneath the current. That day I learned some things are lost and never come back. But I did learn to hold on tighter.

What’s lost can’t be found
In winter’s icy fingers
Close your fist on dreams


Written for Poetic Asides Day 24 – April PAD Challenge


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