Day 19 – April Poem A Day Challenge

It was so hard to find time to write today!  Today’s prompt: write a cool or uncool poem. I wish I had more time to spend on this one because so many ideas came to mind but some days they just don’t come out as easy.

Desperately seeking Cool

There’s a long cool drink she said
We were in one of those smoky
college bars
She’d moved as far away from
our home town as she could
the sky never big enough
to hold all her dreams

She’d watch the door
neon sign winking
Ladies night above it
Her hair just right
nails a carefully applied
shade of ruby red
She’d swivel in her stool
blow smoke rings
above the bar
order another round
the band playing
the Rolling Stones
and Bee Gees

We’d run into each other
from time to time when
she came back home
for a visit
from another
New town, new man

By then I’d found
my cool
His eyes always slightly amused
holding what I’d forgotten
in his hands when I came
back through the door
The kind of man who
after twenty years
still clears the snow
off my car
and holds my hand

Written for Poetic Asides Day 19 April PAD Challenge


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