Day 18 – Poem a Day Challenge

Wow, I can’t believe we’re already at Day 18. Today’s challenge – write an office poem. Things have been so hectic lately– sometimes everything seems to happen at once. I thought it was time to do a good old-fashioned rhyming poem and poke a little fun at the craziness.

A Day in the Life of our Agency

The venue called they’re double booked
The client called budgets are cut
those creative concepts they approved
no longer measure up

Two are going on mat leave
Where we live that’s a year
Two more want raises
Another one’s in tears

A new client wants to meet
Need to make our pitch perfect
The office space is too small
Should we lease or should we sublet

I went to the doctor for relief
told her I think I’m going crazy
She took one look at me and said
you should poem for therapy


Written for Poetic Asides Day 18 April PAD challenge


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