Day 16 – April Poem a Day challenge

If yesterday’s poeming was hard – the prompt today was so much fun: write a poem about a food establishment. I loved reading all the entries and memories over at Poetic Asides

I’m going back to the 80’s and university days for this one:

The Library Bar
They call it a dive bar
But back then
as a first year student
it was home to the
An artsy escape
in a paneled room on the 2nd floor
It’s here I developed
a taste
for the old fashioned
drinks a throwback
to jazz and the music
you couldn’t get on Top 40
We’d sit after hours
talking about our film assignments
New Wave and Irish Rock Band music
pseudo-intellectual conversation
on whether anyone
would survive the nuclear holocaust
and whether we’d have jobs
when we graduated
what with the new opportunities
with the introduction of all sports
and music channels
We were a
contradiction of
hopeful and hidden fears
innocence and wisdom
with our big hair and goth boots
lounging in our armchairs
in The Library


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