Day 15, April PAD Poem A Day Challenge

I’m not gonna lie. This prompt was hard. You’ll see by the time of this post that it took me most of the day to pull this poem together.
Today’s prompt: write a poem with at least four of the following eight words:

Of course, ambitious poets will immediately try using all eight words, but four will do if you’re just trying to get through today’s prompt. I managed five – a good compromise I think.

I am a vessel
Wave upon wave battering me
keeper of valuable goods
Not jewels or rings
but more precious than that
so much bigger than that

As I bear down one last time
to bring new life
A moment of silence
fear quivers in every held breath
until your wail cuts
through the night
I’ve spent nine months
dreaming of that sound

They bundled us up and
waved us off
But you are more than the numbers
and letters on the tiny piece of
paper they gave us

I am a vessel
to keep your heart beating
I have only lavish love to offer
Slowly you awake
sleepy eyes follow me
First smile
First tooth
First word, Mama
I am in your hands


written for Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge Day 15


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