Day 14 – April Poem a Day Challenge

I like the idea of today’s challenge – write a time-out poem. Don’t we all need one of those! Today felt right for a haibun – I love the way it combines a poem of prose with a Haiku.

Time out in Tofino

We said we’d go back. We stood at the edge of the world and made a promise to one another in the swell of salt n’ sand, misty mornings, skipping stones, slanting sun. We’d take time out to go back.

We stumbled wide-eyed into suburbia, planted our roots and built glass towers. From the rooftop we orchestrated our circus act. The school called the youngest has a fever. I can’t leave work. Well I can’t leave either. Flip a coin for the winner. Travel meets, car pools, cross country. We put on the miles. Mom’s got an appointment today. Can you pick up dinner? Emergency rooms and prayers. We both ran, but not at the same time. Don’t blink. Remember to teach them like the song says, to always be humble and kind.

Twenty-five years. Today we circled Tofino on the map.

The tide is calling
Rain forest trail, rolling waves
It’s time to go back


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