April PAD Challenge Day One

We’re off for the April PAD (poem a day) challenge. To all my followers, feel free to mute if you don’t want to see a poem a day!  Or maybe you’d like to join us over at Poetic Asides on Writer’s Digest where the wonderful @RobertLeeBrewer posts a new prompt daily for the month of April.

Here’s my Foolish poem

Foolish is her heart
that got tangled up in you
Easy smile, laughing eyes
can hide a lot

Mama always told her
everyone else can’t be wrong
But she couldn’t see through
love stained lenses

That what you don’t say is
louder than your words
How you like your treats sweet and
candy apple red

That twisted words can
chase dreams and every
breath is weighted
Until she could no longer
play pretend games of


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