Haibun Monday over on dVerse Poet’s Pub

We’re back again at dverse and the haibun challenge this week is to choose a quote for inspiration from Grace’s list. And I can’t resist an e e cummings poem so here goes. For those joining for the first time: A haibun is a paragraph of prose followed by a haiku poem.

“Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: – you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.” e e cummings

They said she’s too flighty, got her head up there in the clouds, silly girl, forgets her mittens on the bus, and her homework in her desk. Crumpled papers. Tie a string through that winter coat. They said she’s an old soul, you’ll catch her dreaming, her nose in a book, she’s late or lost, no one ever knows for sure. She’s got those wide eyes, far away look in them, humming to herself. You lead her home.

Orion’s belt sways
On a wild and wondrous night
when our souls collide



21 thoughts on “Haibun Monday over on dVerse Poet’s Pub

  1. What a lovely character of the girl ~ I specially love that she’s an old soul but she’s still dreaming ~ The haiku sums up the wondrous relationship and reinforces “You lead her home” ~

    Thanks for joining Haibun Monday and wishing you happy week Trish ~


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