Haibun is all new to me

Hey all: saw this poetry challenge over on Gabriella’s site. First time I’ve tried a Haibun but it seems like fun. Join us!

We’re meant to link our poetry to a photo posted by Gabriella for inspiration.

Under the Bridge

If I stay here in this space no one can know me nor who I was before the years took away my dreams. Lying, rushing, cast-aways among the stone coldness of your heart, while my heart dreamed so big for us. Washed up anniversaries and failures. Roadtrips and starter homes. No infant smiles or playgrounds full of carousels could save us. Round round we go. Never right, always wrong. Longing for more.

Can you hear that sound?
of desolate hearts pounding
Homeless here alone


Photo courtesy of Gabriella


27 thoughts on “Haibun is all new to me

  1. A heartbreaking take on this photo. Concise but meaningful words – the senryu is heartbreaking and tells the story of sadness wonderfully well. I have sometimes seen the homeless here where I live, under bridges, making a home the best way they can. Thank you for writing this and thank you for joining us here. Wonderful prose.


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