Holiday Reading Re-cap

I have a tradition over Christmas break. It goes like this: me hiding inside being somewhat anti-social, reading all the books. This year I hit 6.5 books(I had to finally get social and didn’t get to finish number 7…but that just means something to look forward to this weekend). Was it just me or did this Christmas Break feel deliciously long? Which is why– all the books. Here’s a breakdown of my holiday reading:

Come Away With Me – Karma Brown
Come away with me
I’ve had this book in my tbr pile since the summer and only just got to it now. No spoilers, so let me just say there is a BIG SURPRISE at the end which made me go back and read parts of the book again because I needed to interpret it with this new BIG SURPRISE information.
This story deals with loss and recovery and it gave me that feeling in my tummy and made me cry into the middle of the night.

The Sky Is Everywhere – Jandy Nelson

the sky is everywhere

I know what you’re thinking. Why haven’t you read Jandy Nelson’s beautiful book before now? Well, I just bought a Kindle too, so that explains a lot doesn’t it? I can feel you judging me. But let’s just say I’m a little behind in some things, okay?

I think I read The Sky Is Everywhere in a day – maybe less than a day. This book. OMG this book and Jandy’s writing.

I want to cut out her words
and paste them on my wall
so I can look at the
sheer perfection of them
and their steal-your-breath beauty
again and again
and again

That is all


Let It Snow – Maureen Johnson, John Green, Lauren Myracle

Let It Snow.jpg

Needless to say, by now Christmas was upon me and with all the feels from the above reading, I needed some lightness in my life. I read a lot of YA and to be honest, I find so much of it holds as much appeal to readers such as moi. And I know there are many of you like me out there who enjoy reading YA, the immediacy of it, the directness of the feelings that you can relate to.

But as I was reading this one I had that feeling that I’m not really the target audience for it, and that was okay because there was still lots to like. For instance, the way the three stories connected all the characters in a series of Christmas mishaps. And the quirky characters. And I did snort laugh a few times in John Green’s and Lauren Myracle’s stories. Plus there were a few scenes when all the characters are thrown together, like the one in the coffee shop at the end of Lauren Myracle’s story, reminding me of a scene in some of my fave movies like Notting Hill when all the characters are gathered and they give Hugh Grant that blank ‘are you an idiot’ look when he repeats Julia Robert’s “I’m just a girl” line.

I haven’t read Maureen Johnson before and I’ll definitely be looking for more of her books.

99 Days – Katie Cotugno

99 Days.jpg

I fell in love with Katie Cotugno’s writing in ‘How to Love’ and the swoony romance of Reena and Sawyer and have been waiting for her next novel. This one really sucked me in with its cringe worthy moral dilemmas that broke all kinds of sibling and friend codes. I found myself wondering why Molly couldn’t see she was being used as a pawn in the biggest competition ever seen between brothers, but overall it pulled me in and was a fun and quick read.

The One Thing – Marci Lyn Curtis

the one thing

This story was as charming as it promised to be. I loved the magic in it. Maggie’s struggle felt so real and she broke my heart. The cast of supporting characters were so well done and Ben really got to me – reminding me a lot of Auggie in Wonder.

Glimmer Train Short stories

Glimmer Train.jpg

I’ve been a fan of short stories ever since, well – Alice Munro – so I always find time to squeeze some short story reading in and this edition didn’t disappoint. If you don’t yet subscribe – what are you waiting for?

Carnival at Bray – Jessie Ann Foley

Carnival at Bray

This one is in progress but I can already tell I’m going to love it because – music, vulnerable but spunky girl, great supporting characters….can’t wait to dig in further!

Which can only mean one thing . . . more reading for me!

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