Poem for the week

This week’s Poetic Asides prompt was to write a ‘watching the world go by’ poem.

Now she sits watching the world go by
the light gone from her eyes
She talks, long ago scraps of memory
like the delivery of milk to her doorstep
on bitter cold mornings but not of the daughter
sitting in front of her

Now she reaches for a wing-tipped butterfly
as it sails on past her chair, lined
up with the others in the garden
for a spot of fresh air before dinner time

Now she smiles as you take her hand
Remember when we took the girls
apple picking every autumn before
Thanksgiving and the pie making
extravaganza that followed?

Only you knew how to roll out the dough, just so

Her eyes light on you, for a moment
a question mark, a fragment
of who she used to be, until,
she looks past you at the world going by
and she smiles, but not at you


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