Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

Hello Pitch Wars peeps. Here are 13 random things about me:

  1. Favorite movie: Must always revert back to Ghost. However when Silver Linings Playbook came along – then there were two.
  2. Favorite music – Really? is there a right answer to that question? I listen to everything. There is speculation I was a DJ in a previous life. Personally, I think I was supposed to be a singer, but there was a wee bit of a mistake and my voice sucks. Seriously, if we ever meet, the first thing we must do is share playlists.

Pheobe sings

3. Favorite books as a child: Anne of Green Gables; Little Women

4. I write poetry. Some is included as part of my MC’s thoughts.

5. I’m one of five children. We are a very loud family. My husband usually finds a way to sneak off to find his quiet/happy place when we are all together.

My best friends wedding

6. I have three teenage/ twenty-something daughters who provide me with A LOT of material for my writing.

7. I write short stories – one even got published in a local Toronto ezine

8. Best thing about my MC: she thinks, and sometimes says, all the f’ed-up insecure things we all think in our heads.

Pitch Perfect

9. My story you ask? Finding Annie is a contemp NA about a girl learning to live in chronic pain due to a freak accident. There’s a bad boyfriend, an ex-best friend, her family falling apart and a new guy and his guitar. If I’ve done this right you should feel some feels.

10. If I could invite any three people to a dinner party (dead or alive) they would be: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Alice Munro, my Grandpa who never spoke much English and I don’t feel I ever got to know well….he could tell us all about growing up in a small town in Italy and arriving on a ship at Ellis Island. And then Alice Munro could write about it.

11. Top of my TBR – 99 Days – Katie Cotugno

12. Let’s establish right here and now that anything can be solved if there’s chocolate involved.

13. Did I say I am ready to work with you?

Finally, thank you Brenda Drake and all the fab mentors!

GIF’s are from Giphy.com


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