What I’ve learned from writing poetry and my fave for July

When I started writing poetry I did it because I thought it would be fun. I wasn’t expecting to learn so much about the craft of writing. Like how to be selective in the words you choose in order to tell a story. How to focus on cadence and imagery.

If you haven’t had a chance to pop on over to the Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides blog – feel free to drop in anytime for the Wednesday Poetry prompts. You’ll have a lot of fun reading and who knows, you might be inspired to join us.
Here’s my fave from July. Did I mention how much I love poetry because of the ability to tell a story in so few words?

The challenge was PIE and this is what spilled out of me. It must have struck a chord with many of my fellow writers because it prompted many comments:

Our family of seven
packed in a sixty seven
Chevy sailing down
the Trans Canada Highway
windows open
of course there was no
air conditioning back then

two nights three days
to get to Nova Scotia

We’re going to Nana and Papa’s
in Nova Scotia
it could have been the moon
or a fairy tale
in my six year old imagination
so exotic was our summer holiday
to me

Nana and Papa I’d never met
We piled into their three room
clapboard house there in the town
of 3000 with the river running through it
in Steeltown, men that built
railway cars to travel
across our great land

That house,
oh that house
how it still sings and shines
in my memory
Nana in the kitchen
puttering at the stove
beside it the door
to the one
bathroom we all shared

she baked pies
and cinnamon scones
and simmered cod chowder
I never tasted anything like it
before or since then

I only met her twice
my Nana
but what I have
is Nana’s pie crust recipe
in my recipe binder
passed from Nana to my mother
to me and my sister and
the wives of my three brothers
and a memory of that summer
of ‘69


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