Favourite from PAD Challenge

Below is my favourite poem from the Writer’s Digest Poem a day (PAD) challenge. This was my first time doing the challenge, and I’d only written a very small bit of poetry prior to the contest. I’m not sure what I was thinking, signing up to produce one a day for a month, but I did it!  And learned so much and found a great community in the process. It’s amazing too, how much poetry teaches you in learning how to tell a story in a few short words. I learned A TON about using active words, imagery and rhythm, and not just rhyme. And was reminded of the pure beauty of words.  Here’s my favourite posted on Day 2 of the challenge. The prompt was Secrets.


Don’t tell
about the blank spaces in my
traitorous mind that will
mock our memories
and erase

When the cracks in the words
won’t let me say your name
I won’t know your face
the love that lays
in your touch
one day

Don’t tell
about the wild demons that make me
wound you with my own hands
Dried up dreams from infancy
dim light in my eyes
can no longer
see you

Let’s play children’s games of
hide and seek, run from
the memory snatcher
Guard my shame and
the soul ripper
won’t find


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